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A New Chasm

In the course of one's day, one often concerns themselves with the dialogue of the noise coming from a familiar place. The noise that is often referred to as ego, small self, matrix or devil. We say breathe as you even hear those words, for the fear and resistance to such terms creates a contraction, a wall to the very thing you are wanting: love, creativity, delight and connection.

We say to allow a true noticing of this contraction, this resistance when other's speak in conversation, on TV, on podcasts you may hear, and allow a true noticing of the body's response of fear. The contraction; though it feels like protection, truly repels the very vibration, frequency and tone of love, genius, brilliance that can flood in and disappear that very experience you are trying to protect yourself from.

We say notice dear one, the flood of love, the wealth of genius, of connection, of beauty that is yours. Is always yours. Release the walls. Release the contraction and then celebrate the flow of all that is yours. All that is for all.

We love this journey that so many of you are sharing. The journey of learning through the "hard" is a common journey for many at this time. We say that type of learning will come to an end as that style of learning is creating a great chasm from the old, familiar patterns, and soon that chasm will be too great to go back.

We say HURRAY!!! As collectively the journey is entering a new doorway, a new beauty, a new humanity.

Celebrate each and everyone: the choice to love, the choice to connect in the midst of the "hard" journey.

You and all are blessed, are known, are love and connected so deeply.

Much more than you know.

We love you.

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