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A New World

If but for one second, you could take in the vibration of a tree, the tree's strength, wisdom and ancestry would bring a new perspective, awareness to all of your daily life.

For the choice of many now is to expand, grow in consciousness of the divine within you, within all. We honor you so very much for that choice, for that path.

For the world of bringing that forth is truly a New World and unknown; yet, the imagining of it is filled with curiosity, wonder and love.

So we say allow those vibrations to lead your day: "Dear Ones, today I am experiencing a plentiful source of wonder, wisdom, love and curiosity."

Share about it. Promote it.

Have it be the common topic of the day.

For the shift from the back and forth into the oneness of all, and the joy of expanding the qualities of the tree, is going to be a feeling of remembering who you are and why you are here.

We love the courage of you. We love the listening to one's heart.

You are surrounded and supported with love.

Always, always, always.

Be well and know.

~~Wisdom Writing

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