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A Rain of Love

As you look out in your life today, you see the moments of glory, but mostly you see the moments of disappointment and sadness. The moments that seem to "stick" in you and in your thinking. We say envelope those moments.

Do not push them away or criticize that you still think of those times.

We say allow the beautiful divinity that is you, always you, to shine on those moments so you can look again at them. Much like a blue light can bring an iridescence to some things, so can divinity-- love--beauty. Allow that to bring a new iridescence to those moments that "seem to stick", "seem to define" "seem" to put you back into some perceived reality of you, of life. We say, again, allow a new light, a new moment of looking and seeing the glow of love, of beauty, of divinity that is you, is others, is life and always has been.

Allow a glory of goodness to shower you--remove the umbrella of worry, of practicality, of preparedness that feels logical and practical so as not to be disappointed.

Remove the umbrella and let the reign of divine possibility to drench your being and soon the dancing in the reign will begin.

We are not unrealistic. We are ushering in the truth of who you are. Who all are.

Enjoy your day.

Enjoy the rain.

Enjoy the reign and dance sweet!!!

Photo by Daniel Kordan

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