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Allowing Grace to Have a Place to Enter

If you allow us, we will go deep today. We ask you to surrender the ideas of the "self" or the world.

Truly a blank canvas benefits you and all at this time. For the clarity and certainty of a future is never permanent. The fluidity of your world, if seen and known would amaze and baffle you.

For we say to allow that fluidity to bring in that which you are seeking. Yet, that means the "being" of you, the life force of you, the thinking of you needs to be fluid, graceful, easy like that of a gentle, flowing river.

For those areas of feeling stuck both in your body and in life are not to be ignored, damned, or fixed. Those areas need to be a focus of creativity, curiosity and openness.

Breathing into those areas are the first step. Oh, but you say, "That cannot be enough! I've dealt with this my whole life. Breathing!!!???"

Yes, we say breathing. Truly with the intent of feeling free, feeling an opening not for you to solve but for life to float in new ideas, new connections, new, new, new.

So today, Dear One, we say breathe into those areas of feeling stuck. Those areas that feel repetitive and redundant.

Indeed breathe with intent to truly elicit a flow feeling in the breath and in that area.

Allowing grace to have a place to enter.

We love you deeply.


~~Wisdom Writing

janet's note:

When they started with we are going "deep" and then their message was about breathing, I was a bit disappointed. I love going deep. Breathing seems so basic. So simple. Breathing isn't anything NEW.

Yet, as I received this message the subtlety of breathing with 'intent to allow grace to enter' felt DEEP in my body and cued me to the openness they mention.

This breathing feels different than meditation to me......perhaps it is the intent. This is actively breathing into areas of your life that feel stuck, are painful even. If you have ever had pain in the body, you know how almost impossible it feels to breathe into that area. If you have ever wondered how you will pay your bills, breathing into that feels stupid because you need to be working. If you feel overwhelmed by life and try to sit and breathe into that feeling......well you don't have time for that!!!!

I love the idea of giving grace a place to enter by taking time to breathe into those "stuck, familiar" places.

I love you all very much. If you are a regular reader, thank you for being someone who grows, expands and loves. If this is your first read of a Wisdom Writing, my intent is that you read or feel something that inspires you to love yourself, love your life, love others in a new way.

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