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Come Alive

Often it is difficult to see the growth of one's soul. The expansion of joy, of love, of creativity, of peace is a stillness and a growth simultaneously while the growth of chaos and blunder is loud and obvious...we say by design.

Oh Dear One, you knew the rules when you arrived. Now enjoy the journey of re-discovering that which you are and that which you know. Indeed chaos, blunder, annoyance and anger are not here to unlock your remembering. They are here in volumes as the attention to it at this time is voluminous.

We say, attend now to the small-still joys, small-still creative ideas, the small-still love and allow that to fill in the spaces that are so eager for their light and expansion. Think of a dried up sponge. Oh so hard and small. Yet, with the smallest amount of water, the sponge changes, expands and comes alive.

So too with you. With these spaces in you eager for delight, creativity, joy and love. Take a day and listen to baby's laughter and see how life opens up to you. Oh Dear One, 15 seconds a day on a video is fun, but the gift that is being given, is yet to be received. Give equal time to the baby's laughter as you do to the chaos and mayhem you have been attending to.

Oh Dear One, truly the shape of your world is ready to be filled with laughter, love and creativity. Allow it to start with YOU!

We love you.

janet's note:

WOW! Pretty direct is to me, but maybe it will speak to you. I do love those videos of babies laughing......but goodness the pull of all the chaos of airlines, water, weather at the end of this year 2022.......wowza has it pulled me in.

My first reaction to listening to baby's laughter for a day is, "What a waste of a day!". Yet, if I tell the truth, I wonder how much time I spend attending or listening to chaos and blunder. If I'm honest, I've got time to change my ratio of input from chaos and blunder to the still-small laughter of babies and the expansive love and joy that comes from those little bodies!!! The phrase they use "still-small" feels very "stealth" in my design I think!!!

Thank you babies for being such gift of love and joy!!!! Isn't it interesting and poetic that is how we all started.... as a baby.......and a gift of love and joy.....hmmmmm.

Much love!!!!!

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