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We encourage all a deep breath at this time. Allow the breath to go deep, deep within your being; into your field, as this is the connection to the "all". The mind at this time in the density of your body inhibits access to the connection of the "One".

The breath, the depth of your body is the connection to the "One".

We say this connection is so deeply powerful at this time. Much more powerful and needed than you are imagining. For the vibration of your depth is what is needed at this time. That depth, that connection, is allowing a firm, strong network of vibration, a web, to form. The soul of you and others is aware of this connection and dancing with delight that these connections are being made at this time.

Release the need to pray. Oh indeed we did just say that. The prayer is coming from the mind and that connection to the "One" is unstable and filled with frequency interruptions.

Breathe deep dear ones and allow the connection, the expansion of the frequency from the "no thought" place from your depth, from your "knowing", from the "One" place.

We applaud the desire of so many souls searching, desiring, and transmitting this connection at this time. Allow the reverence of you...for you...of others...for others to encircle your world, your heart, and all that exists.

Indeed you are the One. All are the One.

With deep love.

Wisdom Writings as received by Janet Rae 10/23/23

AI Art by Alexander Engelbrecht

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