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Enlightening Your DNA

“Today is the day”…… that is a phrase used with great frequency and we urge you to allow the now, now, now of it to open, open, open new pathways, new portals of aliveness, of vibration, of true essence to flow both ways…in and out.

Often in the healing mode, people seek to allow the flow in and yet we say the blockage or impeding rhythm isn’t flowing “in”…it is flowing “out”.

For the impeded flow is the outward flow of your true essence, your true brilliance, your true light. Indeed ask for that essence to easily flow from you, out of you and bless all others that you see and know and all others that you don’t see and know.

The true goodness, the true light, the true essence of you are the mirrors for others. Allow the mirror neurons to “enlighten”. Allow the “healing” as you call it. We call it the “reshaping”, the shape-shifting of the DNA to allow the true light, brilliance and essence of you to beam. The DNA of others will recognize it even if their hearts and heads—and of course their heads— will not see or feel it.

The sensors in you are designed to allow the shape-shifting of the DNA. Celebrate the occurrence. Celebrate the openness.

Celebrate being a Pioneer for Light…for the brilliance of you and all now.

We love you and open up with the glory of this message and much more.

~~Wisdom Writing channeled by Janet Rae

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