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Go There, Please

There is a message that is deep and always awaiting to be heard. For the majority of all, can hear, sense or listen and; yet, are not translating this message. We say, know dear one the depth of you is you. Let us say that again. The depth of you is you.

The depth of love.

The depth of creativity.

The depth of compassion.

The depth that calls; yet, when felt can feel vulnerable, or not safe. People will think you are weird, or woo, or just too "out there". We say: "Go there, please."

The time is now to go deep.

Feel the love.

Feel the creativity.

Feel the connection.

Give voice to your joyful soul that is ready to sing, to speak, to say:

"We are all the same."

"We are all in this as one."

"We are love."

"We are love."

"We are love."

We urge the new 'brazen' voice to be soft, loving, and firm as the knowing of who you are, of who they are, is arising and expressing more and more. Be not swayed by current events to promote fear, worry, caution.

Allow that to fuel the depth of you.

The love of you.

The genius of you.

The compassion and connection of you.

Imagine the hand-holding, encircling your world--all together as one, metaphorically. Your bond is magical, brilliant and full of light. Stand strong in your love. Stand tall in your light. Stand as the trees and know the truth of you. The truth of all.

We urge the option to write more and allow all messages of goodness, a flow and a voice.

We love you.

Photo by Daniel Kordan

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