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Held In Love

You have always been connected. You feel and "know" our connection. Take your steps forward with that "knowing"; yet, not know the path forward. It is a unique path...that is the adventure, the discovery, the delight of the unknown.

Indeed, couple the "known" of who you are (of our connection) with the unknown of knowing who you "are"; when the identity gets released. It is so fully a part of the journey for all.

In the matter of wisdom for all, we say the "all" is progressing, expanding, growing. We urge that depth of love for puppies and babies to be the depth of love for oneself.

Truly the love of one's own journey-- be it with disease, debt, grief -- honor, love and allow a depth of love for the YOU that is navigating this path. All are to be honored. NO path is higher or lower. Celebrate and claim the day when that is no longer an idea but a true "truth" experience.

We love each and every, for we are part of each and every. You are always surrounded, supported and held in love.

Whisper, "I allow now, I allow now, I allow now."

Let that be your mantra this week, this month, this year. Witness new levels of support, new experiences of love for self, and new opportunities, passions and adventures as they come to you.

Say, "YES and I allow NOW."

We love you always, always, always.

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