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Is Your Dream a Size Too Big??

I saw that phrase this morning, and I knew it was the topic for this week's blog. I've had the experience of toning down, trimming down and bringing practicality to my dreams, my goals. You know, just so I don't get disappointed or feel stupid because I saw or felt something stir my soul that seemed "out of my reach."

For me at this moment, my challenges--the "out of my reach" --are my physical capabilities: walking, driving....again you know functional, practical goals. Standing up brushing my teeth, driving myself to appointments and goodness the thrill of walking through a grocery store.

But then, over the past couple of weeks, I realized that these are not "dreams" these are not soul-enlivening visions that light up a deeper part of me that brings my whole being into a new life and light. No, these are those practical, linear, get-the-job-done projects and goals. Necessary, indeed, but when faced with a challenge in life perhaps they are not the fuel for moving to that new expression of me, to that soul-enlivening experience.

Actually the full phrase from the title of this blog is, "God Gives Us Dreams a Size Too Big So We Can Grow Into Them." So when did I think I had stopped growing, or could no longer grow? I watch so many inspiring videos of people defying odds all the time. People older than me, people with limbs missing, people who have failed for years and years and years. People who enliven a dream at 60, 70 and 80, and live their best life in those years.

So, maybe I've been given a dream a size too big, and it is time for me to I dare tell you? What is it about feeling vulnerable when sharing a dream; a dream that brings delight and joy to my you have that too?

So here goes....dancing....dancing....dancing....not on a stage....I'm not trained as a dancer, just that dancing that makes me feel alive, in love, connected, free!!!! Specifically that dancing is with my husband of 25 years....We danced like that for the first 17 years of our marriage. First ones on the dance floor, last ones off. Our souls enlivened and free!

Somehow, that dream of dancing with my husband again-- free, connected and filled with love-- got pared down, reduced and washed over with practical, functional "real-world" goals of walking 1000 steps, through the grocery store, through an airport....being functional and independent.

But somehow, that dream, that soul-enlivening dancing dream says, "Snap out of it! Your dream is FOR you to grow, to discover who you really are!!!!!" So here I go into my dream, and I will say it does bring a smile to my face and a lift to my soul!

I share this with you so you know that you have a space, a place, a companion in me so you, too, can allow your dream to come alive, once again. Set aside the practical, logical, reduced-version of what is calling you....join me and allow that dream that is perhaps a size "Too Big" to grow that part of you that is who you really who I really am.....and we are doing this together because dreams are the seeds of our soul's expression to dance with all of life.....discovering who we really are!!!

So jump in! Join me in sharing your "too big" dream in the comments section and plant the seeds to enliven your soul, my soul as we journey to discover who we really are!!!

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2 commentaires

Mistral Davis
Mistral Davis
03 sept. 2021

I have a dream a size too big. Actually, I have more, sharing this one will perhaps give me the courage to share another. It is a dream that when it rarely breaks through the bedrock, I immediately bury it deeper than it was before, and so literally never give it a second's thought. I am just fine without it. I dream of having a partner - a steadfast, disarming, funny, loving partner. I dream of living with a man who I adore and who adores me just the way I am. Before I die, I want to experience a pure, deep, abiding love that brings us into the grace of God.

janet rae
janet rae
04 sept. 2021
En réponse à

Oh Mistral.......I love your courage. I love your dream. I love being connected with you and witnessing as you grow into your dream :) I love you.

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