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Language of Your Essence

The intent to receive only the highest good, the highest message, is one of great service. Allow your capacity to receive this guidance to become of greater service. Allow it to light up the inner part of that, that you call your essence.

For the essence of you, the essence of others are all connected and communicate in a vibrational language. The time is now for that vibrational language to express, to grow. Much like a two-year old's language changes and develops so rapidly and delights all those around them, so does the language, the communication of your essence.

We delight in this growth phase right now. Allow yourself to feel the delight of this growth and dance in the expansion of this new communication. For many are beginning to feel this and experience this. Yet, not sure what to do with it. Be the platform, the gathering place for this communication to be experienced, validated and enjoyed.

No serious nature please.

Your essence is filled with delight, love, creativity and a deep, deep connection.

Allow. Allow. Allow.

We love this connection with you and now allow and celebrate this connection with others.

Much love

Art by Julia D. Stege

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