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Lighten UP

Of course we can connect to you. We are always with you and the ALWAYS can be mind boggling for some, but we say allow the unknown to become more interesting and get more curious without impressing the vibration or need of the mind to know.

By allowing the mind to take a backseat, the true communication and sensors of the body's system will begin to grow and "lighten UP".

Much like your ability to "know" who is calling before looking at the phone, that tingling, that knowing is a far greater system that you have realized or experienced.

Ask and allow this system to "lighten UP" in you and allow the tingling of knowing to grow in your "motherboard" throughout your body.

We urge a continued "winter" experience. Lazy days, a letting go, allow a deeper trust of knowing who you are and knowing that you are loved, cared for, celebrated more than ever before.

Be kind to yourself and allow the deepest respect for what it is to be fully human and fully divine as the beautiful Stella Brookes* has imparted on you.

We urge all of you to allow that deep appreciation for the you that is allowing and eager for the growth of all that is love and divinity to expand. Bless all that you "think" is NOT, for that is part of the journey.

Once again to allow the mind to take a backseat and allow the true gifts of you knowing that all is of the divine, all is of love, all is the glory that is you, that is all.


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