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Look Below the Surface

Dear One, we are here with you. Always here with you and with all.

We ask all to be the kindest ones to all at this time. For the fluidity of kindness can flow with ease in the crevices that are dark and lonely.

We say allow the beauty of kindness to flow from you, as you. For it is you.

And indeed is the other, even if you don't see, sense or feel it, you can be sure that kindness is in all, as a part of divinity is in all.

Allow yourself to sense that in all. That sense of glowing divinity in all.

For some it is a beautiful light. For some it is a beautiful orchestra. For others it is a magnificent, expansive feeling.

We applaud the growth of all for the experiences now are challenging and we are dancing with delight with the growth and expansion humanity is experiencing.

Look below the surface. Look beyond your TV. Look beyond the scrolling.

You will see the kindness, the love, the beauty growing. The connection as one...growing.

For one is all and all is one and soon this becomes a realized state.

Let the joyful return begin.

We love you.

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