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Mastering Intuition and "Space"

The depth of listening is at play today. For many are discovering their intuition, their inner voice and we say allow that connection to go even deeper. Allow a slowing down of the impulse to take that intuitive moment and turn it into "action".

We say to attend to the vibrational frequency of your intuition. Allow it to go deeper and with that is less immediacy to action and a feeling of settling in and space. Give space for that intuitive idea to expand and grow, as it is penetrating the density of an old consciousness, an old pattern of thinking. Allow that intuitive vibrational equivalency to blend with the blueprint in you.

For many of you are actively changing your vibrational blueprint.

Become master's of space with pausing. As you have already mastered action, taking action and immediacy. We say now master space, pausing and allow the depth of a new vibrational space to recalibrate this field of you, of your thinking, of your body, of the you from a past.

We say that indeed the release of emotions, of emotion vibrations, also will recalibrate the vibrational blueprint. Be not afraid of those emotions. Give them space. Add no words or drama to the release and allow the compassion of the Divine's heart to flood you as you release only the vibrational ball of emotion.

We are pleased with the courage of you and others who are moving the vibrational balls of emotion. Allow a new space within you and be ever so certain of Divinity and love moving in and through you at these times.

We love you. We love all.

All is one and the celebrating of this realization is coming.

~Wisdom Writing 2023

Digital art by Natacha Einat

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