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Melting the Hard Candy Shell of our Soul

"I am willing, open and eager for ONLY the highest vibrational message for the greatest good for my soul's healing and evolution and for the healing and evolution of all souls at this time."

Dear One,

Release, release, release and release even deeper. For the grand release can be emancipation for you and for many. What is the grand releasing? The cellular memory of fear, of safety, of protection is now time to release. For the shell, the density of this memory is blocking the very thing you are eagerly wanting. Allow this greater good and this new level of receiving to flood over you .

Indeed see the submersion of all cells in a beautiful, colorful, illuminated neon fluid that gently removes any and all fear, protection from generations and generations. Allow the clearing. Allow it to feel gentle, easy and natural and allow a new aliveness, a new creativity, a new peace to fill all the cells of your body.

For the attention to healing is great on your planet at this time. The missing component is the dissolving of fear, dissolving the need for protection.... and much like that hard candy shell, once it dissolves, the chocolate and peanut yumminess is deep inside. You don't need to make sure you or someone else puts the chocolate and peanut inside.

You just know it is there. Dear One, we know that your light, your love, your soul's gifts and expression are within you, within all. As that shell of fear and protection melts away, oh my enjoy the yumminess of their true love, light and gifts flow fully, gifting the lives of all.


Much love.

janet's note:

It's been awhile since I connected to the Wisdom Writings. Today was the day and oh my!!!!! The pure delight of the simplicity of this message.

In my 30's and 40's, I had a huge love for peanut M&M's. I loved to let them melt layer by layer in my mouth because they lasted longer and I could savor them. I loved being patient in seeing what size peanut was inside and looked forward to that crunchy goodness.

When the Wisdom Writing mentioned a hard candy shell, I started laughing at the brilliance of this metaphor and analogy! I love the idea that my shell is blocking receiving what I'm wanting.....I love the analogy that it's in me and I don't need to put it "in me".

Oh to collectively release fear and protection, experiencing our chocolate, "peanutty" yumminess. It takes patience, to allow that shell to dissolve easily, naturally.....but it's in there!!!!

Who knew that all those bags of M&M's could bring such a vivid memory and recall of patience, knowing and delight!!!! Enjoy your yumminess as we all dissolve our hard, candy shells!

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