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Soul Purpose

Indeed the pathway of fulfilling one's soul's purpose is important to many at this time.

We say that purpose is less singularly focused than the ego or small mind will think.

The expansion of your soul purpose is dimensional. Consider it a lattice around the world.

For your expression, your vibration, your unique light affects the color of the leaves, the beauty of the room you enter, and the depth of love and joy expressed in a conversation. Dear One, you see NOT the influence and expansion that your vibrations have in the collective.

Indeed your expression is key; is always key and valuable; as is everyone's.

The idea of that is NOT the small mind's to comprehend. We say LET GO of understanding, visualizing, comprehending and integrating. The expansion of this is a place that already is. By allowing, allowing, allowing the full intent and desire to fulfill your soul's journey, allows you to release the need to understand.

Then one day in the kitchen cooking, in the bathroom showering, in the backyard admiring your flowers, a new thought, idea or perspective comes to you with an immediate knowing of this IS what I am to do next. ONLY THE NEXT STEP ....with a knowing that creates your biggest smile, creates your happy heart and allows a comfort in the "surrendering and allowing" pathway.

Your writing will continue to allow the "allowing experience" for you and for many.

We love you.

~~Wisdom Writing April 10, 2023

janet's note....ONLY THE NEXT, I feel like I'm being trained to learn to live this way physically as well as spiritually! Lately I have found myself strategizing, planning, researching all that I can do to speed up this process of learning to walk again........ONLY THE NEXT STEP.

I am learning to surrender the thinking of my ego, my small mind and let go of strategizing and planning.......not easy. But in the moments I do it, I am calm, happy, appreciative and full of love for life.

I share these writings in service to all so that anyone who reads these words will be inspired, expanded and feel the love that is always there for all of us.

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