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Summon Your "Love Courage"

Dear one,

Today our connection is strong and we feel the intent of your heart...your desire for goodness in you and around you.

Indeed the catching of the judgement of the mind is a great learning for many. For do not put attention on remedying it. Put all attention on the connection of all to all. If but for one moment you could experience the deep "one" connection of you to the all, of you to the one who pushes your buttons, of you to the one with great success, of you to the one homeless on the street; then, life would be in Wizard of Oz.

For indeed, Dear One, you are one of all. The all that seems impossible to be one with. Breathe into that and allow that to permeate the rough edges of your heart. The rough walls of judgment are so prevalent at this time to be be be filled with love.

For indeed the collective is courageous at this time. Summon your "love courage". Discover the glory of all that is in your heart and open, open, open to the deepest love...the deepest connection of all to all.

If you want, you can start reading this out loud to a collective. For the vibration of this message will come through you in service to the all.

We love you.

We love all.

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1 Comment

Thank you, Dearest Janet! Thank you for your openness and your care of all of us! I love you.

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