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The Beauty Of The Still Point

In the midst of the chaos many are experiencing, is a still point, a light, a center.

Often difficult to see, feel, or know, this point is always there.

Indeed you can affirm its presence and affirm being guided, nudged to this point of light.

Yet, we say it is not a point as the way you would imagine. It is a light, a vibration, a panorama, a vibratory place that all have within them. Accessing that point, that place, that panorama is the journey for all of you.

Hence the value of listening to beautiful orchestral music, studying a beautiful painting, admiring a beautiful flower. All inherently vibrate with a beauty just as you do, just as all do. That vibration is "in there" for all.

We say, today ask to be shown the way to see your true beauty.

The true beauty in the chaos that is swirling around so many.

See the beauty.

Know the beauty.

Feel the beauty.

As you are the beauty.

As your neighbor is the beauty.

As your brother is the beauty.

As the grumpy, old man is the beauty.

Release the need to be fascinated by the chaos. Again, ask to be guided/led and experience the true beauty of all, of this

Enjoy that journey.

We encourage the celebrating of beauty and share it with others in images, in words, in all the days.

We love you dear ones.

Allow us to reveal the true beauty of you, of others, of life.

Much love.

Image by Daniel Korda

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1 Comment

Thank you, Janet! Just lovely. Thank you for the re-minder that there is ALWAYS BEAUTY; often our perception hides it. Thank you!

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