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The Great Wave of Benevolence

Often the highest message can feel lofty and somehow not connected with you, not part of you...something you aspire to. We say that the highest, deepest message IS you, is part of you and is part of ALL of you.

For the focus on something higher, something loftier, something better than I am right now, better than life is right now, perpetuates the disconnect of who you truly are, who ALL truly are.

We ask you to breathe into your toes, breathe into your ankles and breathe into your knees. The wisdom, the grace, the glory of the divine IS you, is your toes, is your ankles, your knees and is ALL-- Is everyone's toes, ankles, knees. The boggling of the mind is good. For this is not for the mind to comprehend. It never has been.

It is a knowing, a place of knowing within ALL. A place all have within them; as them. Allow this knowing to be known within you, as you. For the toes, ankles and knees are great places to start as they have the least amount of judgment held against them. Most people have no judgement or positions about their toes and ankles, which blocks the true expression of the divine within them fully.

For this is the year of the great wave of benevolence. Not in the form of money, health, relationships--the big 3--but in the form of knowing, expressing and embodying who you really are. Who ALL really are.

Enjoy this journey.

Enjoy those toes and see the benevolence, the divine, as it illumines you, your life, your body and ALL.

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