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The Light of You

In the light of the day it is easy to see light, be the light, feel the light.

Yet, in the great darkness, the light seems to disappear. We say, those are the times for you as Masters to discover the light within or the light buried, for the light is always.

Much like the sun, the light is always. Is always in all.....always.

And, we say breathe into this awareness, this knowing.

For many believe the light is within all; yet, at the moment of the greatest discord, the greatest pain, the greatest moment of disbelief, do we say:

"Ok Masters, now is your time. Now is your time to know, to realize that light is always there, always in you, always in the other, always in the world."

Oh we know this may not be easy in the moment. Yet, we know it is always there... available in the moment.

Reach, we say for the truth of you and breathe into the light of you.

Illuminate the light of you.

Allow the light of you to shine even in the darkest moments.

For your soul is yearning for these moments to brighten, illumine and express.

We love you deeply.

~~Wisdom Writing 2023

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