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The New You

You hear us. You always hear us but often you are not listening. The buzzing of the ears is a distraction which will deepen our connection at all times. It will also spring forth a new knowing in and through your body. Your body awareness is a growing gift and celebrate this goodness.

The word surrender is a good vibration, though many associate it with defeat. You can consider it as the defeat of the "voice", the small self, the ego whatever word speaks best to you.

We say surrender is courageous and enters a phase of allowing. Allowing the new. Allowing the new view of you and of life. Many question whether life can feel new at 40, 50, 60 and beyond. We say, life is always here to feel new. For each moment is new; is filled with new connections, new desires, new growth.

Delight in the presence/presents of Spring right now. For gifts are emerging daily. "Where did this come from? It wasn't here yesterday?" Yet it was ripe with bursting forth and gifting one with color, beauty, new nature and delight.

We say your life is this. Ripe with gifts. Truly. Allow the receiving. Allow the surrender to the new. Allow the seeing, knowing and embodying the beauty, brilliance and gifts of you.

Now. Now. Now. The infinite Nows that are always here for you.


janet's note: It's been a while since I've added a personal note. First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you that connect with the Wisdom Writings. It is because of you that I go into my "intention state", take deep breaths and allow the pen to take a life of its own! I'm learning to trust more and more the message and the process. Thank you for being someone who wants to go deeper into your life and be all you came to be.

Secondly I thought of deleting the first paragraph because it was a message for me as I have had some persistent; yet, intermittent tinnitus over the past 14 months. I love how they tell me the "buzzing" is an opportunity to listen for their message even through distraction. Perhaps others are being challenged at hearing their "wisdom" voice with distractions as well.

I love how the Wisdom Writings plays with words like presence and presents. It always brings a smile to my face. There is humor in the divine.......I love that!!!! I love you!!

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