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The Path of YOU

Journey gently in the path of your soul.

For very few can be certain that they are on that path.

Dear One, how could you not be.

The path of YOU, is your soul’s journey.

So for now breathe, relax and let go of any thought that somewhere you are messing this up, doing it wrong.

For inherent in that thought is the immense blind spot and dismissal of love.

The dismissal of unlimited love.

The abundance of inherent love.

The love that surrounds you daily and will usher you back home.

For now, we say play, explore and enjoy the water of this love.

Allow the flow of love.

Allow for one brief moment the immense truth of who you are to touch you, your body, your awareness.

Be still with that immense love.

Let it surround, envelope and open you like the blooming of Spring’s first flower.

For all it takes is one to bloom.

The rest are so taken with their own eagerness to bloom.

See, feel and witness the extraordinary beauty, the immense beauty of souls blooming at this time.

Rest in this.

Expand into this.

Know this.

We love you deeply.

Wisdom Writing by Janet Rae

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