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The Sensor of Magnificence

The pathway of our connection can be strengthened and enhanced as a daily practice. Allowing the expanse of that connection will bring the evolution and expression you are seeking.

We urge you to know the connection is strong. Practice will clear the pathway that has always been there.

We ask you to be patient and trust at this time. For many different events are happening in succession that are facilitating a grand opening for you and for many. For this grand opening has been greatly anticipated by many.

Congratulations on keeping your focus on love, beauty, kindness and creativity. Continue the focus on the glory of goodness that is you, is around you and is others.

As you all step forward in life, we urge an awareness to the mindset of "knowing someone" or "knowing some experience".....that "predictable" pathway is now creating a lower vibration in your field. Allow the "predictable" to take a back seat and allow the unpredictable, the magical, the miraculous, the incredible, the not possible, a little more room in, around and through you. Not through your mind. Through your heart. Through your body. To open that; sit, be and admire nature. Allow the magnificence of nature to bring forth awe, delight and NEW beauty that brings tears and a chill of awe to your body.

Your body is the great sensor. As you are training the connection to the language of the body, celebrate your new ability to allow the body to sense the magnificence in your world, in your home, in your relationships. For this new ability to sense, feel and expand is going to be more fun and more valuable than you know.

For we can communicate to you and all with great accuracy and frequency with the opening of the body as a sensor of magnificence. You know those chills. You get them when moved.....expect more and note them. We are with you always. Allow the observing of yourself through the sensor of magnificence. For indeed Dear One, you and all are magnificent NOW and ALWAYS!

janet's note: I have been practicing "feeling" life through my body, through my emotions.....through my intuition. I'm getting good with the intuition.

The pathway of "blocking" my emotions....numbing my emotions....taking practical action to ignore my emotions seems to be an old pattern of being a warrior that I mastered many lives ago. So now, I am learning to feel....and awaken my body and this sensor of magnificence that the Wisdom Writings speaks of today.

I love the practice of keeping track of getting chills......those chills or recognition when something profound or magnificent happens. I often get them when watching sports or those singing shows where people have a BREAKTHROUGH in the way they've presented and known themselves. It's like the chills are the sensor for the magnificence of the soul stepping forward and leading the way. I like that and I'm eager for more of that!!!! Much love to all.

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