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This Will Pass

The occurrence and re-occurrence of events in your life is so very often not random.

The journey of a collective together often creates storms, patterns. Like the weather, there are calm days and then there are fronts, storms moving through. Catch that phrase....moving through.

As tumultuous weather is occurring, you do not get enamored with it, or feel pulled to say, "Why do we always have a storm?"

You allow it to pass.

You know it is part of nature.

You are prepared for the storm.

If the tree falls down, you know how to resolve that. Lo and behold your view out the window is even better.

Dear Ones, you are in a stormy season. Allow them to pass. Prepare yourselves with a loving heart, with an open heart. Be prepared for change.

For possibly trees may fall, electricity may be shut off, water may stop; but Dear Ones, know the result will be an improved view, a new perspective. Perhaps new electric or water lines that are so needed for your future, for a future filled with love.

Hence the key of a loving, open heart through any and all storms. You are all in this together. We are all in this together. Know and feel that collective, expansive community.

Love moving through while expanding love.

janet's note:

I talk to so many of you that are experiencing "storms" in your life. Me too! Also I am a member of a group called the Weather kidding! I took a class in college and was never the same about humidity, barometric pressure and weather radars.

Clearly the message here is that storms move through!!! I do know that at the height of a storm, it feels like it could last forever......more so in my personal life than in the weather. I know a storm front is going to pass. Now to KNOW that the storm in our personal life is also going to pass is the key in this message. Both storms bring change.

I love the part about opening my heart and allowing a loving heart while the storm moves through.

We are all in this together.

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