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Vulnerable Expansion

I have written and thought of numerous titles for this blog page, and my first blog entry. How do I really name something that is so dimensional and involves so much of my life? How do I name it so it calls to you. Speaks to you. Contributes to you and me as a community of people who are challenged by some part of life that seems bigger than we can handle; yet, there is a part of us that knows we are here to move and expand through this.

Oh the moving forward feels so vulnerable. We don’t want to include others because of whatever: “This shouldn’t be happening” “I don’t want to be a bother” “I should be smart enough to figure this out.” “I am so tired of this issue in my life; I’m sure others are tired of hearing about it.” Oh that voice that is so nattering and persistent and so NOT filled with love, compassion, ideas, connection, God, goodness…..all those things that deep down we truly believe we really are. All those things that unite us when we get inspired by others who keep going with a challenge that we don’t even know if we could keep going with that challenge.

nattering, verb: talking incessantly for a long time without

any purpose.

So here I am in that place. Challenged by life. Challenged in a way that if I listen to that nattering, I will NOT move forward and experience all those gifts and qualities within me and within others. Could it be that I HAVE to be vulnerable?

Ask and receive help from that fullest place of my heart……..not from the nattering that says I will be a bother. Could it be that this is my true journey that I am here to learn and grow in the best ways possible? YES. YES. YES.

Those are the words I write on my legs, my stomach, my chest at night when I lie awake……YES, YES, YES. Yes to God. Yes to Energy. Yes to NEW ideas. Yes to love and connection with others. Yes to I can do this. Yes to I can learn to walk again…..again.

Whatever your challenge is……..maybe it’s weight, money, grief, a relationship, an addiction……whatever it is…….YES, YES, YES. Say them out loud. Write them on your body. Look in the mirror and say them. Feel your heart opening to yourself, to life, to others. Yes it might feel vulnerable to say the word…..Good. That is the first step forward. Join me!

I will connect with you next week…….YES, YES, YES!

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Oh Janet! Yes! Absolutely hits home. Thank you so much for sharing. . . ~ Nalla


Amy Blackburn
Amy Blackburn
Jul 30, 2021

Thank you for your ongoing thoughts of WISDOM which you so eloquently transform into these written words. This first blog entry rings so fabulously TRUE for me. You make the possibility of saying YES seem so easy. : )

Amy Blackburn
Amy Blackburn
Jul 30, 2021
Replying to

And, you've made MY day. Your intentions are vividly clear! Big LOVE to you, my friend.

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