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Waterfall Of Light

A waterfall of light is always flowing in you, around you and through you. Remove the umbrella-like barrier that is only a fix of protection that you deem important. Put away the idea of being alone, being separate, being broken.

Oh Dear One, see the waterfall of light flowing through all parts of your body. For we see you, we know you, we love you.

The affirming of others as love is more expansive that you know. Continue with that practice. We say the evolving of all, of your planet, of humanity is key now. Some may find it too big to see or comprehend.

We say allow that part of you that knows that as you evolve the whole evolves. For you are one energy field and when you see, feel and know this, humanity begins to blossom in love.

See this.

Imagine this.

Allow this.

Be not afraid of the negativity of naysayers, of social warriors. Be only focused on love, on seeing humanity as love, always love. All returning to the all.

We love you and we applaud the messages you allow and translate. Much love to all, always.

Say to one another with deep soul and eye contact:

"You are love"

"You are love"

"You are love"

Wisdom Writing April 2023

janet's note:

I heard the phrase "You are Love" from Paul Selig and the Guides. I started saying it in triplicate to a couple of friends on Zoom and we all had tears streaming down our faces. It touches quite deeply.

My husband and I are now saying it to each other in our morning Energy building routine. I love looking at him and telling him that he is love. It's been two weeks and it's now allowing me to see others as love. Yes, it is an intimate thing to do. My experience is it changes my Energy field immediately.

I'm using it now as a practice before I call someone or have to "deal" with some situation where I have a bit of negative or emotional charge. I just imagine that I am speaking to them and then say "You are Love, you are love, you are love." Definitely my heart opens and somethings shifts. GOOD STUFF!

I send this to you in love and in service of bringing an expansion of love to our world.

Photo by Matt Payne Photography

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