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You Can't Mess This Up!

Apparently, this sentence fell out of my mouth several months ago when talking with a friend, and it brought great peace of mind to her. She reminded me of this phrase yesterday and repeated the phrase to me.

I thought, "Just watch me mess it up"....and then I was a bit fascinated by such a knee-jerk reaction of criticism to someone offering me inspiration and a new perspective. I let myself venture down the path of that new idea in my imagination....What if I couldn't mess this up? What if this is the path? What if letting down my vigilance, my perceived view that it must be perfect to get better, was actually inaccurate and keeping me in the hamster wheel?

I saw a video of the precious Nightbirde, a young woman diagnosed with cancer numerous times, who stepped out to sing and express her true heart by auditioning on America's Got Talent. Then 31 million views of her audition in 2 months. Afterward, she took of care of herself as her health declined and did not go to the Finals, and yet, was so concerned about letting people down....oh that nattering voice. 31 million people inspired with her voice and energy fully expressed. "You Can't Mess This Up!"

We don't know the journey. We don't know the purpose. But one thing I have learned is life is messy, the goal is NOT perfection. The journey is rapidly becoming about discovering all that is in me, no matter what circumstance I am going a wheelchair....out of a wheelchair.....walking....not walking....healthy....not healthy....out of debt....single....unemployed....whatever!!

I was given a beautiful analogy of this journey and perspective of "You Can't Mess This Up!" This journey is like a set of Russian nesting dolls. The smallest doll is complete, detailed and lovely; yet small. As we grow through each challenge of our life, that smaller doll goes inside the next larger doll....our capacities to love, to be compassionate, to be creative, to be patient and appreciative grows....So the next bigger doll reflects this new capacity, this new growth; yet embodying each stage prior in the journey.

Each iteration of us holds the capacity to grow in that beauty, that creativity, that love, patience and appreciation....And just like those nesting dolls, it is so fun to see the next bigger doll.....the delight of that new one and yet the brilliance of how they all fit together. Because remember:

"You Can't Mess This Up!"

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