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You Were Born For This Time Now

Today we have a message of kindness to you from you and to all. For the vibration of kindness creates an opening in the heart for so many. It is the next step for so many.

As many are endeavoring to peace, which is a glorious vibration; we say that kindness allows the opening to that glorious vibration.

How kind are you able to be to your loved ones, to your family, to the one you disdain, to the neighbor that you do not like, to the neighbor who is loud, messy.

See Dear Ones, if kindness can come up from inside you like a gentle, bubbling brook.

Kindness is not like toffee--hard, sticky, sweet.

Kindness is gentle and soft like the way you hold a baby or a kitten.

For you see, you were born for the time now. Remember, allow and emit the kindness that you came to flow at this time. Allow kindness to flow so easily, so gently, so fully from you and so fully TO you.

Allow yourself to be kind to you.

Be kind to you.

Be kind to you.

For often this is the first step for many. Be kind to you. Be kind to you when you make a mistake. Be kind to you at all times and be the beacon of kindness that you came to be.

We love you deeply and always.

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