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Your Blooming Nature

Today you have opened and allowed in a message for the highest good for all. As we send these messages, we ask you to allow a deep, loving message. Set aside understanding or anticipation of the next word, phrase, sentence.

In your world, the chaos is clouding clarity, but like clouds they do darken your view, bring storms, but they are never able to truly change the reality and 'alwaysness' of the sun...of the light. For clouds do clear and the sun is always there to shine, brighten, strengthen and grow life on your planet.

Dear ones, life within you, light within you is always eager to grow and expand into its true nature. Allow the goodness, the gifts in you, the gifts of you to bloom and grow. Much like the flower in your garden, they bloom and grow because it is in their nature.

It is in your nature to bloom and grow. It is in your friend's nature to bloom and grow. It is in the one you do not like to bloom and grow. It matters not if you see it or if it happens. Knowing that the nature of all is to bloom and grow and to respond to the light that is always there.

Enjoy the journey of you. Allow a blooming and growing and celebrate the beauty of you, the beauty of others, the beauty of all!

Janet's note:

When I sit down to receive a Wisdom Writing message, I intend the deepest, highest good message for my soul and for all souls. One of my biggest challenges in receiving this message is the focusing on,"What are they going to say?" I love how they instructed me to set aside that anticipation. By doing that, I could feel a greater connection and trust.

Such a great practice for all of my life!!!

I have been so enamored with the flowers in our yard at this time.......they are more abundant than usual and we didn't "DO" anything to help them grow. Their nature of growing and revealing their beauty was a gift to us this spring! I love how the Wisdom Writings turned it into a metaphor of who we really are.

The image I saw when they spoke of chaos in my world, was of the whole world. Kind of like cloud cover over the globe. I love the visual of the sunshine and it's 'alwaysness' for the whole world. Blooming is in our nature.....I love that!!!

I post these writings with the true intention to serve and allow the highest good for our world. Much love to all.

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