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Crises And The Soul Purpose

Listening deeply in times of crises can be challenging and; yet, the challenge is being called forth by the soul, by the purpose of the soul.

Allowing, embracing crises or change is the path of the soul and; yet, to the ego/identity feels so wrong, so invalidating, so unsupportive.

We say those beliefs and feelings though prevalent for so many are the very beliefs that inhibit the expansion of your light and gifts.

We are with you always and in those times of great change, allow, ask and receive the next steps to be illuminated.

Ask for clarity and be willing to know ONLY the next step when it is revealed.

Keep your field full of love, curiosity, joy and trust.

We understand this is challenging and we say you and all of you are here for the challenge at this time.

You are doing it.

Stay connected to each other in love and allow the soul expansion through all to all.

Many, many blessings as you navigate this section of the journey.

Wisdom Writing

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