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One Bloom!

On this glorious day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. The vibrations of nature are full of joy and the promise of beauty for your world.

Imagine that these vibrations live within you now AS you. For each and every hold the promise of beauty, joy, creativity within them.

Are they growing in their "garden" their life?

For all hold the the most amazing blooms, the most amazing brilliance...even if it is only seen by their gardener, it is of GREAT contribution to that One.

In your world, One is all...connected to all.

So One is a contribution to the all.

We say be not afraid of your blooms. Be not afraid of cultivating and nurturing your blooms or the blooms of others.

For imagine a world where your beauty, your grace allow the blooming of others.

It is time for this world.

Many of you have been fertilizing and nurturing the "field" with love, with joy, with knowing and realizing grace.

The time is now.

Allow the blooming to begin and celebrate the beauty of all as they grow!!

Wisdom Writing AKA Love Letters From The Soul

Photography by Daniel Kordan

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