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One Breath...One Light

The great quandary of life is upon you and so many at this time.

"Do I focus on manifesting, creating stuff? Do I let go? Do I allow? Is there something in between?"

"Oh the search and need for answers can bring me fully to my knees somedays."

"Oh the need to be right with my answers; and, then am I part of the solution or part of the problem?"

For the "lot" of you still seem to require some element of being right. It is fundamental to the human mind. Yet the soul is open, receptive and eager to grow and learn with love, grace, creativity and that is more the quandary. "How do I let go and really let go of being right? It feels like giving up. It feels mamby pamby. It feels like then 'they' win and NOOOOOOOOO I don't want 'them' to win." 

Oh Dear Ones, we say breathe and realize the grace that surrounds you and 'them' is the same breath. Oh Dear Ones you are all the same "organism" and the breath, the light fills you.....fills all and forever will be all. 

It is a chaotic, messy time. So many are confused. So many are filled with emotions that seem to be the controller of life.

Breathe again....deeply...deeper... and deeper still. Allow the world of grace to fill you with each breath. Allow the world of grace to fill your lungs, fill your cells, fill all that is within and all that is around you. Again, see and know there is one light filling you and filling all.

Be the one that recognizes the light, the grace. See it. Know it in the squirrel, in the bird, in the tree. Then, see it and know it in your eyes, in your heart. See it and know it in the other's eyes and hearts; and YES see it and know it even in 'their' hearts and eyes as well. 

It truly is the evolution your souls are, now, now.

Wisdom Writing

Transcribed as received by Janet Rae

Image by Daniel Kordan

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