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Loop of Awe and Wonder

We come to you today to bring messages of goodness, messages of love.

Messages to all the hearts open and willing to see that which has yet to be seen or yet to emerging.

Much like the growth of spring, often it takes the subtle view. The eye that can discern this subtlety with great awe and wonder.

We say allow the growth of awe and wonder in your days.

Allow awe and wonder to supersede your need to accomplish and manifest.

For getting enamored with those vibrations of manifesting, has created a "stuckness" in evolution; as the true purpose of all is awe and wonder.

As you feel into awe and wonder, feel the expansion of that. We say that awe and wonder are just the beginning of expansion for the soul expressed as humanity.

Many of you came here to experience this at this time.

The release of accomplishment and manifestation is part of your soul's growth.

So now Dear One, release the need to prove yourself.

Release the need to show all you can do.

Allow that beautiful vibration of awe and wonder to glow from your being and watch and witness the blooming of your world all around you.

Again, creating a bountiful loop of awe and wonder.

We are here.

Always with you.

Let that fill you today as you rest in awe and wonder.

Wisdom Writing as received by Janet Rae

Image by Daniel Kordan

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