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Healing Guidance

I am open, eager and willing for ONLY the highest good for the evolution of my soul and my soul's expression and contribution at this time.

I am seeking solutions and approaches and perspectives in my working with _________. Highest good for me, highest good for ________, and highest good for the evolution of our world at this time.

I am seeking clarity for the highest good for my body and my soul's evolution in moving forward with stem cells. My desire is to experience a healthy, vital, athletic body and life for the next 20 years that is delightful and a contribution to me, to Tom and to the world.

We are always here with you and open to any and all questions that you may have. The glory of answers can be enlivening and yet we ask you to be still and listen. You are oh so close to hearing our guidance throughout your days and in the moment of discord. Be pleased with the growth and progress you are making as it delights us so.

In the matter of _________, the complexity of growth for both of you is upon you. Indeed bring compassion to both of you as you navigate this tricky part of the journey. For we say tricky because at any time the trick to leave or pull out is upon both of you in different ways. Stay the course. Stay in the calm. Keep your eye on the highest good for BOTH of you.

Be free of the need to articulate a lesson to another. Trust the journey of another just as you wish to be honored on your journey. As the vibrations of trust and honor grow in you and around you, watch and witness the unfolding of many delights unforeseen.

In the matter of the stem cells, be aware of the "pioneer" energy with this one. Allow the "pioneer" energy to elicit new ideas and approaches again that will benefit you, your body, the doctor and all that follow.

Ask your body for permission to be a partner in the highest outcome. Ask your body for permission to trust you. Ask your body to forgive you for all past discrepancies and that your highest intent is to gift you and your body a new, joyous and delightful experience of moving forward together.


This will be and can be a pivotal moment in your journey and healing.

Janet's note: My favorite sentence is, "Be free of the need to articulate a lesson to another." I started laughing because for many years, I got paid to do that as a coach...It is so exhausting. Still engage in that habit from time to time.

I love the wisdom of asking the body for permission to be my partner.....moving forward together. The word together was distinctly repeated......must be important.

I share this with you to nudge you, inspire you to discover your inner "wise" voice. Much LOVE!!!!

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