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Intuitive Healing....My first steps

On March 24, 2022, I had my first Medical Intuitive reading...oh yes, into the woo I go!!! Sometimes our healing journey is long and filled with twists and turns. Well, mine has been. What's so ironic, is I found her...intuitively! I had an appointment with a Medical Intuitive who is a doctor, but that inner-wise voice kept nudging me to cancel. NOT A MATCH. After canceling, I did another deep-dive into Mr. Google and up pops Katie Beecher, whose reading even includes an intuitive painting. Reviews were really good, and she was booked three weeks out...all good signs.

She sent my painting and her report the day before our scheduled call...hmmmmm not seeing any golden nuggets or anything new. Not sure I understand the painting, colors, symbols. Thank goodness I have learned to silence that voice of negativity and skepticism. I write goals/intentions for at least three golden nuggets on my call with her. Listen for the gold, Janet. Be Open!!!

Wow!!!! The first nugget was so big that I am now sharing it with you!!!! She taught me to intuitively write to heal my body. Now I have intuitively written Wisdom Writings channeling for 25 years...BUT I had never thought to use that gift as a form of back and forth communication to heal ME. I only used it as a gift to share with YOU. What if "they" didn't answer? What if this is all a bunch of hooey? What if I'm making all of this up in my head? Katie warned me to ignore that voice. Luckily, I have some experience with ignoring that voice.

I went for it and wrote three questions to be answered....just for me. I hate to say it again, but I had to ignore the voice that says, "this is a waste of time, if I am only doing it for ME"...perhaps more indications of things to heal??!!!

I put pen to paper and started writing, and I did it!!!!! What a powerful experience. I wrote questions and got answers. I feel so called to share them with you...

Dear Guides, Wisdom Writings, Body, Divinity,

I am writing to you. I am asking for guidance on a clear path to full health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Dear beautiful right leg, please tell me what you need from me to be the best you've ever been. I am eager to learn, grow, evolve from this as a gift of knowing myself, my true self and as a gift/contribution to others. ONLY the highest good for myself and others.

And here was the response that came: Just as the drawing of you as a flower shows,

the courage that is growing and showing is truly to be appreciated and applauded. Allow that to express more from you and appreciate the courage you are cultivating. It will be of benefit to you and to others. Remind yourself to eliminate "It's no big deal" from minimizing the courage you are cultivating. Share it and express it. It is what you admire in others and they are mirroring it to you.

The color orange in my intuitive painting by Katie represents courage. She drew my body as orange with only the information of my name, age and phone number. The painting started to touch me deeply and this beautiful response, from my first intuitive health writing, gave me "courage" to write a second question.

Is there anything I could be doing that I haven't seen yet? Any blind spot that is important to my soul's journey?

Katie started a "glimpse" toward releasing rigidity. It is a part of the journey of "allowing" the truth of you to come forth. Only one pathway can lead. Allow the pathway of allowing and again release the pathway of precision and control. For that is a deeply rutted pathway and is not going to the depth of your soul.

This intuitive writing is working! The "rigidity" comment was the second nugget from Katie. She suggested to let go of rigid ideas that say healing can only happen if I do x-y-z.

I'm going for it....the third question. Not even about my legs. I've been experiencing tinnitus, non-stop ear ringing since mid-January. I've tried MANY things but nothing is really making a difference. So I ask:

Are there any specific actions or things I can do to bring peaceful, happy ears? My beautiful brain and ears, what do you need? What message or gift are you wanting to bring to me for my soul's evolution and purpose?

We can always bring you an answer and yet the doubt in you can always block that answer. Dear One, an answer is not always the path of solving, you are imagining. Often the path is complex and yet brings many resources and people and experiences to you that "lighten" up the pathway. Allow your ears to lighten up a new pathway for you. You will be pleased. Be open. Be aware and trust when you hear, "Go" and then "Go" .

So there you are my dear readers, my first experience with intuitive writing for healing my body. If you want to give it a try, go to and she has lots of resources on this, including a book. She was a gift to me and I love sharing gifts with YOU!!!!!

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