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THE Answer VS Discovery and Delight

We hear you and your specific requests and yet we do say enjoy the discovery for yourself; for your soul. "The answer" from us doesn't allow for the very purpose on the planet, which is DISCOVERY. Your ability to discover and delight is a true gift and enjoy that gift.

The driven nature of "answers" and then not only answers but the RIGHT answer, the PERFECT answer, is a term made up by the collective. Reach toward the end of the spectrum filled with discovery, creativity and NEW. For the end of the stick with "Right" and "Perfect" answers is not the source of evolving and delightful growth.

We ask you to note it, just as in the "chills" message. Note, the moments of delight and then notice the "strict" nature of judging IF it IS truly delight. There you are, Dear One, a pathway to build and a pathway to extinguish. "Delight in delight" and extinguish the need to be perfect, get it right, and of course; "It just can't be this easy."

You My Dear and all the My Dears reading, need to know, "Oh Yes, it can be easy." The road to delighting in delight is here for you. Oh, there will be challenges, always meant to be there. It is deeply known by you, that challenges are inherent to the discovery of delight.

For each and every step of a challenge is jam-packed, filled with delight. Almost like secret doors, eager to pop open, when you let go of getting it right and put your attention, your measurements, your focus on delight. For the body likes to feel light, like a child. Their levity and joy is in you, is always you.

Delight in learning to walk. Delight in learning color. Delight in the play of imagination and fun.

So Dear One, truly measure, note and celebrate each and every moment of delight. Your soul will sing and you will be free.

janet's note: This one, feels like it is written "just" for me. Boy do I like answers.......especially right answers. I am learning to like discovery and delight more than I like right answers.

Recently I have really opened up to accepting the path that each and every is on; rather than "insisting" that they BE a certain way.......think a certain way......communicate a certain way. I'm learning to discover and delight in their gifts, their uniqueness, their journey and how they are navigating I learn to discover and delight in my gifts and uniqueness on my journey as well.

I had a strong visual of a video game when they talked about the secret doors eager to pop open.....the levity and fun of these messages gets me out my

"serious" nature so quickly!!

Thank you for connecting!

Much, much love!!

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2 comentários

Mistral Davis
Mistral Davis
20 de out. de 2022

Janet, I love this Writing and I love your authentic reflection on it. There is a lot here to reflect on.😘

janet rae
janet rae
20 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

LOTS to reflect on........I love you!!!

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